Judah Page


Argentine Tango
Second Tuesdays Leader and Integrative Arts Instructor

Judah Page is deeply in love with Argentine Tango and the history of this iconic dance. Her 20 years experience as a devout student and teacher of all things relating to the human body, social intelligence and diverse cultures gives her a multilayered approach to teaching tango. Her years as a structural therapist and brain health coach lend themselves to a clear and logical approach to posture, learning and healthy body integrity that are applicable for both tango and daily life. She believes wholeheartedly that the body does not need to suffer to be a beautiful dancer. Judah also works with individuals teaching self care techniques that can alleviate pain and create relaxation for a more enjoyable life and dance.

Judah spent 4 months immersed in the rich milonguero culture of Buenos Aires in 2016 studying with her primary teacher Silvina Valz. Judah’s classes are infused with accessible technique, fun and the essence of Argentine tango; connection.

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Judah Page is a Somatic Mentor and Brain Health Coach with 20 years of US-based experience utilizing somatic psychology techniques, hands on therapy, classes and experience-based anatomical learning.


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